Bishop's Visitations

An Episcopal Visitation is a bishop's official pastoral visit to a congregation of the diocese. Canon law requires every diocesan bishop to visit every congregation in their at least once every three years. Bishop Owensby visits on 18-month rotation, though some churches are seen annually.

The canonical purposes of a visitation are for the bishop to examine the condition of the congregation, oversee the clergy, preach, confirm, preside at the eucharist, and examine parochial records. The BCP also assumes that the bishop's visitation will be an occasion for baptism, and that the bishop will preside.

Below, you can find essential information for the bishop's visitations.

The Visitation Customary is used to prepare for the visit.


This visitation report form is required by Canon following the bishop's visit.


The Bishop's Visits can be found here on our diocesan calendar. His visitation schedule is also available here:


For any questions about Bishop's Visitations, please contact Holly Davis.

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