Camp Hardtner

For nearly seven decades the Camp Hardtner Summer Camping Program has created an atmosphere of love and acceptance for more than 500 young people each summer as they experience a tradition unlike any other. We are not a camp built around paintball, water-skiing, or horseback riding. We are a Christian community that comes together for one week every year to play, laugh, cry, sing, and worship in the eyes of God.

Camp Hardtner is a church camp, which means we don’t just talk about God, we actually interact with God. We see God in the Kisatchie National Forest in which we play. We see God in our neighbors to whom we love and we share that same love of God with everyone we meet. Everything we do it is as one body and one family, and over the last 60+ years we’ve learned that this style of program helps the campers from viewing each other as “us” vs. “them”. Instead our campers see everybody as a possible friend, which not only makes for a great summer, but is a lesson that sticks with them for a lifetime.

Please consider Camp Hardtner as a place for your children to spend one week this summer, and it just might be the best week of their lives.

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Hardtner Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Camp Hardtner, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created within the structure of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana.

The mission of Camp Hardtner is one of service. The providing of an atmosphere that promotes both personal and spiritual growth, and renewal for those who camp or respite in this place is foremost. The board is made up of appointed volunteers who work year round to make sure that Camp Hardtner is always doing its best to achieve that mission.

Current Board of Trustees
  • The Rev. Andre´ Bordelon, Chair, 2021
  • The Very Rev. Dawnell Stodghill, 2021
  • Alyssa Garner, 2021
  • Bill Shearman, 2022
  • Robert Ratcliff, 2022
  • Susan Walpole, 2022
  • Beth Fitzgerald Zimanski, 2023
  • Ashley Thom, 2023
  • The Rev. Michael Bordelon, 2023
  • Ken Murphy, 2023
  • The Rt. Rev. Jacob Owensby, Bishop
  • The Rev. Canon John Bedingfield, Staff Support
Summer Camping Committee

The Camp Hardtner Summer Camping Committee is the group responsible for the summer camping program. It is made up of appointed volunteers who work year round to make sure that each summer is the best it can be!

They are responsible for:

  1. Setting the calendar dates each summer
  2. Hiring and training the Permanent Staff
  3. Recommending Deans for each session
  4. Helping the Deans to recruit and train Camp Staff
  5. Preparing and activating camper applications
  6. Evaluating the summer sessions
  7. And much more!
Current Summer Camping Committee Members
  • Ashley Thom, Chair, 2021
  • Rita Jefferson, 2021
  • Lisa Hightower, 2021
  • Rebecca Veith, 2022
  • Andrew Rose, 2022
  • Simone Laroussini, 2022
  • Haley Wiley, 2023
  • Eleanor Berault, 2023
  • Joy Owensby, Staff Support

We are the Episcopal Church in Western Louisiana. We are culturally diverse. We are welcoming. We believe in a loving, liberating, and life-giving God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection saved the world. And we know that God loves you – no exceptions.

335 Main Street, Pineville, LA US 71360

(318) 442-1304

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